Tamesis by Zurito 09.2020

Javi Perez, Teresa Sarda and Alan Ashton fuse Mediterranean and Spanish guitar music with Caribbean and Rumba grooves. As passionate as uplifting, their music carries a unique rhythm they have gathered throughout the years as buskers and travellers. 

Cykada (Self Titled)


Cykada is a musical power station. The epitome of London's musical and cultural mashup. Born in the ever expanding London jazz scene, it blends live electronics with a rocking band. The middle east, africa, heavy rock and jazz can all be heard.

You Don't Like Me

by Undergrooveland 



by Undergrooveland



by Undergrooveland


Undergrooveland II


Undergrooveland I


Undergrooveland was born a rock street open collective after Javi Perez met Yuji Kawaguchi. They have published two albums as well as toured Europe and Japan. The ethos of the band is rock up anywhere in a city and jam. Groovy psychedelic city rock.

Another Cat by Everest


Smokin' The Town by Everest


Everest was the hard rock band where nothing but the music mattered. The songs are written fast and intuitively, and they are the kind of songs that will live forever. The members are now spread all over the place, but the spirit is still together.