Making creative music to a certain degree of detail is a very intimate thing that requires family-like bonds. From the unconcerned rock days of Everest and Undergrooveland, through the west african Mosi Conde Kaira Kora Band to the upcoming almighty experimental London based Cykada.

the bands


An epic mix of Javi and Tere's travelling busking legacy and Al's solid caribbean and groovy bass lines add up a mix that fuses many influences with a passionate playing style, mainly drawing from flamenco, rumba, calypso, classical, caribbean, african, gypsy, spanish...

Fresco painted by Nataixa Ros

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Everest was born September 2010. This was the hard rock band where nothing but the music mattered and for that reason everything rolled as any band should. The songs are written fast and intuitively, and they are the kind of songs that will live forever. The members are now spread, but the spirit is still together.



Undergrooveland started out as a busking collective that was destined to become a band which ended up travelling many european countries and even toured Japan. Nowadays it has gone back to it's original nature. Different musicians on sessions where spontaneity plays the main role. 



Cykada have forged a unique and infectious sound. Combine electronic and live music with global inspiration from West Africa to Eastern Europe, throw in some beats and riddims of soundsystem culture, the spontaneity of jazz and we have a new dynamic mashup unlike anything previously witnessed.


Mosi Conde solo or with his band Kaira Kora Afrika creates music that excites and delights, his virtuoso skill evident throughout. “We griots are born in music, every family plays together. Music is our life”. Mosi Conde’s celebration of his griot heritage shines through.

mosi conde

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