''Brixton Wings cater for young people who may otherwise not have access to affordable and accessible training and learning in their own community and as such we operate in the heart of the Angell Town estate in Brixton where we provide weekly after School music classes and run rowing programmes in collaboration with London Youth Rowing (LYR) and Lambeth Sports''

The Evening Standard referred to the manager of Brixton Wings, Medg O'Sullivan, as the heroin of Brixton. She has been building up children's confidence though the music since 2010. 


Inspired by their own life stories, the children wrote an epic rap song to which they also added instruments played by themselves. This is recorded at Raw Material Studio facilities in Brixton. 

Music to fall in love to, music to relax, music to liberate your soul and music to explode. Music to yell, music to dance, to laugh and music to cry. Music as a social tool, music as an experiment, music to say whatever, music to educate, music to entertain, music to unite. Music to remember, music to dream, music to get laid and music to get high. Music to be alone, music to share, loud music and quiet music, old music and new music. Genious music and simple music, endless music and short music. Music made for the music and music made for the money. Fast music and slow music, easy music, impossible music, angry music, peaceful music, honest music and superficial music. Electronic music and acoustic music, improvised music and composed music. Music to find yourself and music to lose yourself. Music that comes from one country and music that comes from another.

Music from the earth and music from the universe.


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