Unique characters to make music with
One tripper finds another tripper, and then they trip together for a while as they learn from each other.  Spontaneity and curiosity are taken to a deeper level here.

Yuji Rerure Kawaguchi is a Japanese drummer born and raised in Tokyo but his heart lives in the streets of London. With his drum solo project #STDRUMS he performs at venues, clubs etc. but he is also a busker, touring the streets of the world with his self-made portable suitcase drum kit.

 Upon visiting John Bonham’s grave in the UK, Yuji witnessed many different styles of busking in London and was inspired to start his solo project. A music video of him performing inside the UNDERGROUND (metro) generated hype throughout the world. In 2017 he started to play shows at clubs and venues. With more aggressive tracks and hard beats & drum ’n’ bass grooves, claiming himself "THE DRUMMER VERSION OF SQUAREPUSHER“ 


Lucas Bun is a Spanish singer-songwriter and pianist. 

As a bilingual artist, he produces music in both English and Spanish. His music can fall in the category of adult contemporary world music with predominantly ballad-heavy music of the present day, with varying degrees of easy listening, pop, soul, rhythm and blues, latin soul, flamenco and rock influence.
With a hypnotizing mellow tone and a voice that can execute different styles with brilliant identity, he is now on the last stages of releasing his debut album.


FADY BERRY WHITE Fady has always been a blues man and undoubtedly always will. He’s studied the big names and the little names, giving emphasis to the old country blues music at the moment. 


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