Release date 25.09.2020

LABEL: Self Released - Musical Universes

GENRE:  Spanish Guitar / Calypso / Latin Guitar / Rumba


INFLUENCES: Paco de Lucia / Buenavista Social Club / 

                              Rodrigo and Gabriela /  Harry Belafonte / Classical





Five and a half years ago Javi and Tere met and since the moment they first woke up together, they started flowing, forgetting that timetables, responsibilities and boundaries existed. They dedicated the few days that Tere was in the city to play in the streets of London, earn a little money and celebrate it as if there was no tomorrow. Tere had to leave, she was living in Barcelona. As soon as they separated from each other, they began to question if it had all been a dream. 

But it was real life and they had to find a way to keep it happening. That’s how the adventure started. They spent a year and a half living apart and meeting every few weeks in different cities in Europe, always with the guitars ready for more busking to enjoy the natural flow that was coming with that. When they celebrated 12 months together, they also toasted to have played in 12 different countries. 

As soon as Tere’ s obligations in Barcelona finished, they both left their cities, bought a van, and started living their dream: they began to travel all around, with no limits, playing in lots of cities and towns around Europe. They even played around Morocco and spent 3 weeks in India, always busking and flowing. They finally decided to settle down in London where, apart from busking, Javi began to play in professional bands such as Cykada and the Mosi Conde Kaira Kora Band. Along Cykada, Javi had the opportunity to perform in big venues such as The Roundhouse, The Jazz Café, Glastonbury, Love Supreme, Wilderness, and a selection of festivals and concerts in Europe.  In London he also developed his rock band project, Undergrooveland, with whom he ended up touring around Japan. Of course, always finding time to make long van trips that would allow him to invest time in playing with Tere.

In March 2020 the Covid-19 arrived. They had flights booked to go busking around Japan and it had to be cancelled. Keeping their minds positive they saw an important opportunity coming. It was their time to materialise all their travelling experiences and backgrounds and create what it would be their very first album. One which would draw influence from their country Spain (flamenco, rumba), travellers music (gypsy constant rhythms) and any music that is related to the sea, having a huge influence from the Caribbean islands (Cuba and Trinidad, latin, calypso, mambo).  

It was also the moment for Javi to find an artistic name for himself: Zurito. 

Furthermore, the music that they were recording had to be shared. So, armed with a card reader to guarantee social distancing and with the collaboration of a veteran great bass player, Funkyal, they went from Imperial Wharf to Putney through Battersea Reach,  performing live music that would highly cheer up the local communities. Always busking in walking-distance spots from their house.  



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