‘Zurito revolve around two very hot Spanish guitars. Javi Perez blends the fury of legendary flamenco players with the improvisational soul of rock gods. Teresa Sarda has developed a unique approach to Spanish rhythmic guitar, incorporating modern beats and traditional rumba grooves, bringing kicks and snares together with the chord harmonic changes of the music.

As passionate as uplifting, their original compositions carry forceful virtuoso guitars and a unique rhythm they have gathered throughout the years as travellers. Whether as a duo or along their band the show is sure to stir emotions and cure pains.’

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‘I instantly relax, suddenly I loose physical sensation... Am I floating? I feel carried, ascending into a world of profound and colorful imagination.’          ELISA MOTOVANI. INVICTUS MAGAZINE

our story  


Teresa Sarda and Javi Perez met at the Effra Tavern in Brixton (London) around 7 years ago.  It was on the first morning as they woke up after a sleepless night that Javi told her he was going to perform on a the street nearby. Growing up in Barcelona Tere had learnt to play the rhythm Spanish guitar so she offered to join him just for fun that day. Soon they realised that the joy and excitement of meeting a new person was being shared live with the passersby who more often than not would stop to enjoy and show gratefulness in different manners. So what began as a connection between two people continued as a connection between thousands over the years and took them on long journeys across many countries.


Fast forward to the pandemic in March 2020 and you find Javi and Tere stranded near the river Thames in South West London. Armed with a card reader to ensure safe contactless encounters they decided to keep doing what they love most and started entertaining the needy crowds only allowed to go outside their homes once a day to take fresh  air by the river embankments. In order to perform this quest in grander terms Javi called his long-time friend Funky Al and invited him to play by the river. The trio proved to be highly effective in it’s purpose of sharing music to keep the mental states together and the unexpected  grimm season turned into months filled of joy where a strong and self-supporting community emerged. The music being played during numerous sunsets by the River Thames was live-recorded in their home studio in June 2020 and it became the new born band‘s first album: Tamesis by Zurito (Sept 2020)


Recently arrived from a 4 month long musical journey through numerous countries across Europe celebrating the post-pandemic opening of borders, the Zurito crew has just landed in their homebase in London again. Highlights of this years’ trip include great success in the cities of Granada and Almeria in Andalucia (the land where flamenco music comes from), celebrated performances at the Swiss Montreux Jazz Festival Jam highly cherished by the audience and the festival organizers alike, and a deep connection with the artistic scene in the city of Wroclaw in Poland. New contributing musicians - Lluis Domenech on flute, George Diaper on trumpet and Jamie Benzies on bass - are contributing to shape the band’s sound which has now began to perform in various venues and events across London and is on the writing process of a second album.